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What is this page?

Good algs are scattered all over the internet, and often times it's really hard to find these awesome algs. I wanted to create a page to have lots of those websites in one place for easy access!


Creating your own algs:

  • Cube Explorer: Cube explorer has been around for ages for creating algorithms. Solid choice. (3x3 only)
  • Ksolve: Ksolve lets you create algs for everything else.
  • Whocouldthat.be Sorts out 3x3x3 algorithms and also can ignore pre AUF and post AUF

  • Alg.cubing.net: You can use alg.cubing.net to check solutions/algs to make sure they are correct before posting them.

How to learn algs faster:

  • My video: I created a video talking about the concepts to learn algorithms faster. These are the key concepts to learning lots of algs.


  • My website: you're on! Most of the best 2x2 algs are on this website.
  • Ray has a TCLL+ document with some new algs that I haven't put on my site (due to being lazy). 
  • Sameer's EG-0/1/2 set: Sameer has full docs for CLL, EG-1, and EG-2. I'm not sure how up to date these algs are, but a good resource regardless.


  • Algdb.net is a fantastic website for algs. It's a user based website where you can create an account and submit algs. There are TONS of algs on this website it's a fantastic resource for many 3x3 algorithms such as COLL, ZBLL, OLL, PLL, OH PLL, F2L algs, and so much more!
  • Speedsolving wiki: This is a fantastic resource for beginners. Even outside of algorithms there's terminology, methods, explanation on various topics. It's very good. The algs on the wiki aren't all the best algs but it's a good place to check if you can't find something else where.
  • Speedsolving request an alg thread: This is a thread on speedsolving where a user can request an alg and if someone has an alg for you, they will likely let you know about it. Good resource if you're looking for something very specific and can't find it.
  • My website: I have a fair chunk of 3x3 algs from PLL, OLL, COLL, VLS, etc. Not the longest list, but definitely solid algs.
  • Sarah.cubing.net: Sarah's website has LOTS of 3x3 resources. Winter variation for the pair on left and right, easy PLL skip cases, OLLCP, CLS, and tons more! Good place to learn some cool algs. She also has many other algs outside of just 3x3. Including mega, square 1, and pyra.
  • Alg of the week: This is a YouTube series where I cover cool algs that I like and use. Lots of advanced algs in here.
  • Cubesolv.es: This is a GREAT way to learn lots about 3x3. It's a reconstruction database of unofficial & official solves. And it's not only limited to 3x3. There's reconstructions of big cubes as well. Looking at peoples reconstructions is a great way to learn cool tricks.
  • Google! Google is actually a FANTASTIC resource for finding algs and not enough people use it. If you search what you're looking for followed by "cubing" you can find just about anything. Like if you want OH PLL algs just search "OH PLL cubing algs" and Antoine's OH website is the first thing that comes up.



  • Rowe's VLS page: As far as I'm aware, the first website to have had full VLS. While some of the algs are outdated, there's images for all the cases which makes it easy to figure out which case you're looking at.
  • Jay's VLS doc: Jay has learned full VLS and found some nice algs for bad cases. Probably the most up to date alg set as of 10/23/2015.
  • Jabari's oriented LS+LL: This is a subset where all your LL pieces are oriented except the F2L pieces that still need to be solved. Super easy to recognize.
  • RLS 0 edges doc: This doc only has the 0 edge cases, but may be useful for some.
  • Brooks Last Edge (BLE): Anthony has a PDF with all of his BLE  algs. Very nice subset.
  • Lucas Garron's MGLS algs: While some algs are out of date, this does have some nice and useful CLS cases on it still.
  • Cale Schoon's WV in back doc: Just winter variation algs from the back.

Last layer subsets

3x3 OH: 

Antoine's OH website: Antoine is one of the best one handed solvers in the world and has a website with lots one handed resources. Definitely a good place to go if you need OH specific algs!




  • Skewbers: Skewbers is a Facebook group for people who are interested in skewb. There are tons of resources in the stickied post and you can talk to other Skewbers and ask how they would approach certain cases
  • NS 2.0: This doc is in Spanish, but if you use Google Chrome it should offer to translate it for you.


  • The ultimate guide to FMC: Porkynator created a fantastic guide to lots of the key FMC techniques. A great read for someone wanting to get into it.
  • FMC seminar nats 2015: This was a seminar at nats 2015 and is a great place to start for people wanting to understand more about FMC.
  • Speedsolving FMC thread: A speedsolving thread fully dedicated to FMC. Lots of people post their solutions here and have discussions about them. A great resource for learning more about FMC.

Square 1: